The Wolf Fund

For wild predators that live without borders, 

and the humans coexisting with them



between Apex predators like wolves, bear, lynx, mountain lion and humans

population assessments

that are accurate and current: Montana Population Assessment of Gray Wolves (MPAW)


between genetically diverse wolf populations. Protecting and conserving land to provide connectivity for wide-ranging species like wolves and providing safe passage, e.g. between Yellowstone and Glacier National Park populations, is equally essential for long-term survival.

Legislation & wildlife management

in range states and federally that are sustainable for the species, based on accurate population counts and connectivity


  • Research with technologies, grants and more
  • Scientifically accurate Population Assessments of Gray Wolves (PAW)
  • Biodiversity and health of wolves natural ecosystems and prey species

The Wolf Fund is 100% For The Planet, 

a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization,

and a proud partner with the following organizations: